Ways to protect our customers from the Corona virus

In our desire to always provide the best, excellent customer service and high-quality products, especially in these difficult circumstances that the country is witnessing from the spread of the Corona virus (COVID-19); We work hard to provide the highest standards of safety and quality in products.
And with the increase in the number of people shopping online recently, the number of orders on the site has increased, which makes us ask our valued customers to take into account the possibility that orders may be delayed for a period of no more than 2-3 days from the usual shipping period!

Frequently Asked Questions
Is it safe to receive orders without infection?
Yes, we at Herbanta are keen to sterilize all products when shipped and ensure appropriate shipping conditions for each product. The shipping companies that we deal with also sterilize orders, and the representatives of these companies wear masks and gloves and are provided with hand sanitizers to avoid any spread of infection.

Is shipping ongoing and can I place an order?
Yes, the shipping movement is continuous and orders are received through Aramex or a company

Is the delivery date affected?
No, we are always keen to provide excellent and fast service. However, shipping may be delayed by 2-3 days sometimes due to the pressure of orders on the site.