Maca (secrets and benefits)

Maca is known scientifically as Lepidium meyenii, and it is sometimes referred to as Andean ginseng, because the Andean people were famous for using maca 2,000 years ago in traditional medicine to help heal various ailments, such as: rheumatism and respiratory diseases.
However, it has recently become popular as a super food that has many amazing benefits to enhance the health of the body, especially sexual health and fertility.
So what are the benefits, uses and side effects of maca?

Maca benefits for sexual health:

  • Increased libido:

    It is the most well-known benefit of maca root, as an old study from 2002 found that men who took 1.5-3 grams of maca per day actually had increased libido compared to others.
    And another 2015 study reported that maca helps reduce impotence in women as well, especially after menopause.
    It also helps to raise levels of sexual desire for those who suffer from depression, or take antidepressants.
  • Reducing erectile dysfunction:

    Consuming 2.4 grams of maca roots per day for 12 weeks contributes significantly and effectively to the treatment of erectile dysfunction and improves sexual performance in men.
  • Fertility increase:

    Especially in men, as it increases the quality of semen, the number and concentration of sperm, and its ability to move, which greatly enhances fertility.

  • Reducing menopausal symptoms in women:

    As it has been proven that maca has positive effects in relieving the disturbing physical symptoms experienced by women in the menopausal stage, including: hot flashes, vaginal dryness, mood swings, sleep problems, and nervousness.
The benefits of maca for the general health of the body

  • Increases body energy and helps improve mood.
  • It contributes to increasing cognitive and perceptual functions, and supports focus and memory.
  • It has a strong effect as an antioxidant, which makes eating it very useful for fighting free radicals and protecting the body's cells from the risk of oxidative stress.
  • Maintains skin health, helps speed wound healing and protects skin from harmful sun rays.
  • It contributes to delaying signs of aging and maintaining the youth and vitality of the body.
  • Helps control blood pressure and maintain it in the normal range.
  • Supports heart and circulatory functions, and supports brain health.

Damage and side effects

Maca is considered a generally safe natural nutritional supplement, the use of which has not been associated with any harmful side effects.
  • Due to its effect on hormones - even if this happens naturally and safely - it is preferable to avoid taking it in cases of undergoing treatments that modify hormone levels, such as: breast cancer treatment.
  • It is also not known yet whether its consumption is safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding or not, so it is preferable to consult a specialist doctor before taking it in such cases.
  • Not recommended for those suffering from thyroid disorders.
  • It is not recommended for those under the age of 18 or over the age of 65.

Finally; Maca is one of the new trends in the world of nutritional supplements, although it has been used for thousands of years, with its three types:
  • Yellow Maca: It is the most popular and widely used, due to its availability.
  • black maca
  • red maca

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