Child nutrition and health

From the time he was a fetus formed in the bowels of his mother and fed by her internal nourishment, until his birth and passing through the period of breastfeeding and sharing with his mother her external food, until he took his first steps and began to rely entirely on external food, thus detaching himself from his mother, with whom he had always shared food, as well as her heart and love..during this time. Stages A child is going through physical and mental changes in which he needs constant nutritional support.
What are the foods that suit your child at each stage, and what is the appropriate support that can be provided to him?
Let's find out the answer to these questions through this article.

From day one:

From the moment of separation of the umbilical cord of the child; Your task now has increased to give him the appropriate and supportive food for him physically, mentally, and psychologically.

Breastfeeding a baby is the best milk for him. Mother's milk is the best and healthiest food for the child, and it provides the child with all the minerals and vitamins that are important for its growth. It is also easy to digest and protects the child from contracting any diseases. It also increases the psychological bond between the mother and the child during this affectionate hug during breastfeeding, and also reduces the rate of injury to the child. types of allergies.

One of the most important vitamins a child needs from day one is Vitamin D.

This may be in the form of a preventive dose or a therapeutic dose. Preventive doses are the most common to avoid the occurrence of any disorders that delay bone growth, and to provide healthy support for the child that ensures the proper growth of his bones, especially in the first year after his birth, and vitamin D has significant immune support functions, which Promotes the health of the child and supports his physical formation.

Vitamin D shots are usually available in drops for infants to take from day one.

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From 4 to 6 months:

You can now start experimenting with simple pureed snack foods, along with breast or formula feeding.

Start: Choose times when your child is happy, not very hungry, and in a good mood that allows him to have a new experience.

You can try these foods with it:

  • Avocado: It is distinguished by its texture that resembles butter, and its richness in unsaturated fats, which is beneficial for the development of the brain, and the composition of avocado is very similar to that of breast milk, which makes it palatable and likable as the beginning of a new food test for the child.
  • Banana: which is a good source of many vitamins; Such as vitamin C, vitamin B6, as well as minerals; Like potassium, iron, and calcium, bananas can also be used to make juice by mashing it and adding it to peach pieces with yogurt or milk.
  • Lentils: It is a legume rich in protein, low in fat and fiber. Lentils are characterized by their small size, which makes them more suitable for children than other types of large legumes. Lentils can be cooked with carrots cut into small pieces and fed to the child.
  • Winter squash: It is distinguished by its sweet taste and creamy texture, in addition to being rich in Beta Carotene, which is beneficial for eye health, and vitamin C as well. The squash can be mashed and presented to the child.

Starting from his fourth month, you can give him supplements that contain a combination of vitamins and multi-minerals that support his health and growth. It is preferable to contain:

  • Iron :

It is one of the most important minerals for the formation of red blood cells in the body, as the fetus stores it in its body in the last trimester of pregnancy, and this supply suffices it for a period of 4-6 months. external.

  • Zinc metal:

It supports the child's immune system and mental and cognitive brain functions, thus ensuring the development of a healthy mind in a healthy body.

  • Calcium :

To better support your baby's first steps, and the establishment of healthy muscles and bones.

  • Vitamin A:

It is the main supporter of soft membranes and skin cells, and it also works to develop vision properly, as it is one of the important substances for the health of the retina, and helps to develop vision in low light conditions. Vitamin A is known as retinol because of this characteristic.

  • Vitamin C:

It supports immune health, helps absorb iron and thus prevents anemia. It also helps speed up wound healing.

Baby feeding in the first year:

Welcome to the hero's first steps in his new year, now he is also stepping on the ground, and the softness of his feet recognizes a new texture that you have not experienced before. and strength.

Also, at this age, he begins to test solid foods, which he should eat carefully to see if he is allergic to some of them or not.

From the first year to the 4th year:

Perceptual senses begin to function more actively, increasing the need for continued nutritional support.

The little hero's teeth have also begun to appear and he can try different types of food such as meat, dairy, cheese, eggs, and much, much more.
Always make sure to supply it with integrated and balanced nutrients that can be obtained not only through food, but also from external nutritional supplements.

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After 4 years:

Your child is now closer to his early school years and more engaged in the sweet experiences of life.

As the child mixes more with the environment, and engages in various activities, he needs what supports his launch and vitality, as well as what supports the health of his immune system in order for your little hero to remain safe against various types of infections and diseases. Be more careful now to provide him with the necessary nutrients to keep him in an excellent state of health.

It may be the same minerals and vitamins he needs since he was a baby, but now he needs them in greater proportions. From: iron, calcium, zinc, vitamins C, A, D, E, and B6, as well as omega-3 to support his focus and immunity.

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At Herbanta, we provide you with all the support that is suitable for children, taking into account the different needs of children, from a specific vitamin or mineral to multivitamin products. In various forms that are beloved and close to children, as supplements in the form of syrup with a distinctive taste or chewing jelly with delicious flavors.

Wishing all children safe, healthy growth and smiles for life.