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Most requested products

Watermans Grow Me Shampoo 250 ml
  • 115.00 SR


Proxeed Plus for Men 30 Sachets - Proxeed Plus 30's
  • 399.50 SR
  • 320.00 SR


Perfectil Plus Hair 60's
  • 165.00 SR
  • 145.00 SR
Watermans Grow More Elixir 100 ml
  • 185.00 SR


Orthomol Fertil Plus 90 sachets - Orthomol Fertil Plus 90's
  • 980.00 SR
  • 870.00 SR


Pregnacare Conception Him & Her 60's
  • 185.00 SR
  • 160.00 SR
Ketone Test Strips 120's - NKD Living Ketone Test Strips 120's
  • 85.00 SR


Erythritol Sugar Substitute 1 Kg - NKD Living 100% Natural Erythritol 1 Kg
  • 94.00 SR
  • 75.00 SR
Pregnacare Conception 30's
  • 105.00 SR


Solaray Tongkat Ali Root 400 mg 60 Vegan Capsules
  • 165.00 SR
  • 139.00 SR


Conceive Plus Gel with Calcium and Magnesium 75 ml - Conceive Plus Gel Tube 75 ml
  • 145.00 SR
  • 120.00 SR
Viviscal Hair Vitamins 60 Tablets - Viviscal Hair Growth Program 60's
  • 295.00 SR


Centrum Men's Vitamins 60 Tablets - Centrum Men 60's
  • 140.00 SR
  • 115.00 SR
Pureclinica Double Strength Glutathione 1000 mg 60's
  • 225.00 SR
Eat Water Slim Rice 200 g (Pack of 5)
  • 125.00 SR
Conceive Plus Pre-filled Applicators 8x4 gm
  • 120.00 SR

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It was difficult to trust online shopping, but my experience with Herbanta was different and I did not regret it.

Thanks, Herpanta Team

M. p.

The Herbanta team is really aware of the requirements of the Arab and Saudi market in particular.. A wonderful and smooth experience,,, Thank you

Muhammad Al-Mazen

My friend advised me about you, and after my personal experience, I began to know my friends about you as well. I wish you would deliver to Egypt. my regards

Hind Abdul Rahim

Great service and staff once.

Your love, Om Badr

Umm Badr

My order came in a secured box within 4 days. Too bad I had to translate the website using Google Translate though, lol



My communication with the work team was very smooth, and I benefited from the amount of information that I was informed of after discussing my problem.
Products arrived on time and tracking was very easy.

Pride to have a company with this efficiency in our Arab world 3>

Ibrahim Abdul Mohsen

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